Victron Easysolar 5kVa Inverter Charger
VICTRON EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 1xMPPT 150/100
5,951.66 5951.66 AUD
The Bill Killer
13,783.66 13783.66 AUD
Sungrow SH5K Hybrid Inverter
2,759.90 2759.9 AUD
SolaX X3-Hybrid-6.0T HV Inverter
More than just an inverter, the innovative X-Hybrid is an intelligent energy management system that stores surplus energy in batteries for later use.
3,498.00 3498.0 AUD
SolaX X3-Hybrid 5kW
3,495.80 3495.8 AUD
SolaX X1 5.0
1,144.00 1144.0 AUD
SolaX Hybrid Inverter SK-SU5000E
3,071.64 3071.64 AUD
SolaX EPS Box
SolaX Emergency Power System transfer switch box
321.75 321.75 AUD
SolaX 5kW Hybrid Battery Ready Inverter
The SolaX SK-TL5000E is the perfect choice if you may want to install batteries somewhere down the track. This grid-ties inverter has built in Wifi, EPS (Emergency Power Supply) circuit, and export control and is compatible with the external SolaX 100Amp. Charger and EPS Box (Automatic Changeover Switch) so you know when you are ready to get batteries you have started with the right hardware. *The EPS circuit is only functioning with a battery installed.
1,666.61 1666.6100000000001 AUD
SolaX 100Amp Battery Charger
THe SolaX BMU 5000 is a 100 Amp Charger that partners up with the SolaX SK-TL5000E Inverter and is compatible with most modern lithium batteries.
1,370.60 1370.6000000000001 AUD
SolarEdge 6kW HD Wave
6kW, single-phase inverter featuring the new HD-
Wave technology providing greater efficiency
and a smaller and lighter inverter. 12-year
warranty included.
2,102.10 2102.1 AUD
SolarEdge 6kW Backup Inverter
SolarEdge 1Ø, 6kW Inverter with Backup capability
6kW, single-phase inverter inclusive of the DC
disconnect with back-up capability. 12-year warranty
3,196.05 3196.05 AUD
SolarEdge 300W Smart Module
The SolarEdge 300W Smart Module with built in DC Optimiser
309.10 309.1 AUD
SolarEdge 10kW HD Wave
SE10000H-AU000BWU4 SolarEdge HD-Wave 1Ø 10kW inverter with WiFi & SetApp
(Requires Smart Meter for Export Control)
2,657.60 2657.6 AUD
Smart Energy Monitor - Residential Small
Solar Smart Monitor 3CT (3G/4G) - 6 Channel monitor supplied complete with 3 CT's
3 x 60A 10mm CT (Upgradable to 6 CT)
Upgradable to 16mm-35mm CT's
412.50 412.5 AUD
Seraphim 300W Mono
Seraphim Solar Panels are the first ever panel to pass the new “TUV SUD Thresher test”. This is a standard of test designed to put a solar panel through its paces in terms of life expectancy and performance. Seraphim are rated as the number one performing panel for two years running.
218.90 218.9 AUD
QCells 275W
The new Q.POWER-G5 is the result of the continued evolution of our
polycrystalline solar modules. Thanks to improved power yield,
excellent reliability and high-level operational safety, the new
Q.POWER-G5 generates electricity at a low cost (LCOE) and is suit-
able for a wide range of applications.
216.29 216.29 AUD
Pool Drive VSD
Invertek Pool Drive VSD. These plug'n'play units can save you up to 75% of the running costs of your pool. Easy installation and excellent return on investment.
1,495.00 1495.0 AUD
P300 Optimiser
SolarEdge P300 Optimiser
Suitable for only 60-cell PV modules. Optimiser
has 0.9m output cable. 25-year warranty included.
114.40 114.4 AUD
Longi 315W Mono PERC
257.40 257.4 AUD