P300 Optimiser
SolarEdge P300 Optimiser
Suitable for only 60-cell PV modules. Optimiser
has 0.9m output cable. 25-year warranty included.
114.40 114.4 AUD
Jinko 275W Residential Panel
200.56 200.56 AUD
C-Sun 300W Mono Panel
Csun Mono Series - The 300W Energizer
210.10 210.1 AUD
QCells 275W
The new Q.POWER-G5 is the result of the continued evolution of our
polycrystalline solar modules. Thanks to improved power yield,
excellent reliability and high-level operational safety, the new
Q.POWER-G5 generates electricity at a low cost (LCOE) and is suit-
able for a wide range of applications.
216.29 216.29 AUD
Jinko 300W Mono PERC
217.80 217.8 AUD
Seraphim 300W Mono
Seraphim Solar Panels are the first ever panel to pass the new “TUV SUD Thresher test”. This is a standard of test designed to put a solar panel through its paces in terms of life expectancy and performance. Seraphim are rated as the number one performing panel for two years running.
218.90 218.9 AUD
Akcome 330W
SK6612P 330W 72 Cell Commercial Solar Panels

Akcome Optronics is a leading manufacturer and service provider of professional photovoltaic cells and
modules that can be widely utilized in residence, commerce and ground photovoltaic plant.

Akcome Optronics provides PV products with exceptional power output and reliability by integrating
rigorous design, advanced production technology and fully automatic production equipment. Strict quality
control and test standards confirm its pursuit of zero-defect output.
226.51 226.51 AUD
Jinko 330W Commercial Panel
226.60 226.6 AUD
Jinko 315W Mono PERC - Cheetah
252.25 252.25 AUD
Longi 315W Mono PERC
257.40 257.4 AUD
Jinko 325W Commercial Panel
269.50 269.5 AUD
Hot Water Timer
Remove T33 and rewire Hot Water to T11
Din Rail mounted timer to control your Electric Hot Water unit.
275.00 275.0 AUD
Fronius Smart Meter 63A-1
Single Phase Smart Meter for residential installations for reporting Power Consumption
299.20 299.2 AUD
SolarEdge 300W Smart Module
The SolarEdge 300W Smart Module with built in DC Optimiser
309.10 309.1 AUD
Huawei 1PH Smart Meter
The Huawei Smart Meter expands the monitoring functionality of the Huawei Inverters and is responsible for achieving export control
321.75 321.75 AUD
SolaX EPS Box
SolaX Emergency Power System transfer switch box
321.75 321.75 AUD
Smart Energy Monitor - Residential Small
Solar Smart Monitor 3CT (3G/4G) - 6 Channel monitor supplied complete with 3 CT's
3 x 60A 10mm CT (Upgradable to 6 CT)
Upgradable to 16mm-35mm CT's
412.50 412.5 AUD
HFE 1 - 10Amp Softstarter
Designed for refrigeration systems up to 10Amps, the HFE is perfect for domestic fridges or small commercial, this clever energy saver can
save up to 30% of the running costs of your fridge.
Made in the UK
695.00 695.0 AUD
Huawei 3Ph Smart Meter
Provides monitoring and grid feedback control for systems up to 100A per phase
820.60 820.6 AUD
SolaX X1 5.0
1,144.00 1144.0 AUD