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Invertek Pool Drive VSD. These plug'n'play units can save you up to 75% of the running costs of your pool. Easy installation and excellent return on investment.

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Energy Efficient Pool Drive

the smarter alternative for your pool

While many new pumps are energy efficient, there are still a lot of older energy-hungry ones out there. We recommend you get an energy optimising drive for your pool and save up to 75% of its power usage. These units are plug’n’play which means they are easy to install and if you move you can take it with you.

The Invertek Energy Saving Pool Drive has been designed for easy installation, without requiring any specialist electrical or plumbing work. In addition, because the motor is under less stress, maintenance costs can also be lowered as wear and tear on the parts is reduced.

As well as saving energy, running and maintenance costs, using a variable speed drive to control the motor can also dramatically reduce the noise of the pump - making swimming a far more peaceful past time!

Using a drive also helps to ensure the water is cleaned efficiently by controlling the rate of flow and pressure as it passes through the filtration media. Read MoreRead MoreRead More

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Features and Benefits

great reasons to install

Save up to 75% power

Quieter running pump

Precise flow control

One flick switch for backwashing

Reduced heat

Excellent ROI


Plug n Play


Reduce your carbon footprint


Longer pump life


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