Longi 315W Mono PERC

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Longi 315W Mono PERC

Longi is one of the leading manufacturers of mono-crystalline silicon wafers, cells and
modules, with Bloomberg naming it a Tier 1 supplier in 2016. It has a current mono wafer capacity of 15 GW, and plans to expand by another 10 GW in 2018.

Longi manufactures solar cells for many high end solar panel manufactures including LG. Last October, the manufacturer said its PERC-mono cell had reached conversion rate of 22.71%, based on mass production technology. Several days later, this went even higher, to 23.26%. Both Fgures were new records at the time, and were certiFed by Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE CalLab.

  • Longi Green Energy Technology has announced a new record conversion rate
    of 20.41% for its P-type PERC monocrystalline modules (type 60).

  • LONGi is the fastest growing PV manufacturer in the industry - PVTech