6.6kW Huawei Hybrid System with Premium Longi 315W Panels

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FusionHome Smart Energy Solution

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Smarter Energy for a Better Life

Huawei integrates the latest digital and internet technology with residential solar technology.
Bringing you optimized PV power generation, built-in plug & play battery interface
and smart home energy management.

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        This System is some clever piece of kit, with an attractive design and small footprint it will connect to the LG range of HV batteries with its built-in charger and wifi.

        Kit includes:
        1 x Huawei 5kW Hybrid Inverter
        21 x Premium 315W Mono PERC Panels
        Cyclone Rated Racking
        High-Quality Local Installation (Cairns, tin roof, single story)
        *Meterbox upgrades, if required, are not included

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        HUAWEI Sun2000L-5KTL

        Smart Energy Center

        Huawei 5kW Hybrid Inverter with built-in charger. Use battery ready or connect to the LG RESU HV Battery Range


        • 10 Year Warranty

        • Hybrid (built-in charger)

        • Connect to LG Chem HV Lithium Batteries

        • Attractive Design

        • In-Built Wifi

        • Optimiser compatible

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        Longi Mono PERC 315W

        Longi are the biggest mono cell maker in the world and make cells for some of the biggest solar panel companies in the industry.
        Longiare the current world record holder for worlds most efficient mono panel (PV Magazine 23 Oct 17)
        Here are some of the Panel makers that Longi make cells for... If you are using another mono panel chances are it might come with a Longi cell.