33kW Commercial Solar EOFY SALE

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Take the power into your own hands...

Get your business running on solar today

33kW Commercial Solar EOFY SALE

Sale ends June 30

Smash your businesses daytime power consumption

Businesses all over Australia are taking the power back into their hands and using solar to cover their daytime power needs. This 33 kW system will produce approximately 50 Megawatt Hours of Electricity for your business per year. Which for a General Business Tariff T20 equates to about $14,714 per year!

3 Times Cheaper than Grid Power. The return on investment for commercial solar is such a good investment because solar power is so much cheaper than grid power.

Daytime Usage. Many businesses use very little power at night and consume the majority of their power during sun hours. This is perfect for solar and many businesses are already reducing their power bill by as much as 70%

Instant Asset Write Off. Take advantage of a solar system before June 30th and write off $30,000 instantly *Talk to your accountant to find out if this advice if right for you

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Huawei SUN2000 29.9kW 3Phase Inverter

Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions. Continuously innovating based on customer needs, enhancing customer experiences and creating customer values. In 2016, Huawei's sales revenue is estimated at USD74.9 billion, a year on year increase of 32%. Huawei Smart PV Solutions are widely developed worldwide. According to HIS & GTM, Huawei ranks No.1 on terms of inverter global shipment.

Packed with clever tech

This is a lot of inverter for the money


  • Maximum of 4 MPPT for versatile adaptions to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments
  • 8 strings intelligent monitoring and 80% time saving for fault detection
  • RS485, USB ports for connectivity and data management


  • Max. efficiency 98.8%, European efficiency 98.6%
  • Easy to install with the weight of 55kg

Financially Strong Manufacturer

Buy with piece of mind


  • No need for external fans with natural cooling technology
  • Protection rating of IP65


  • DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC
  • Ground fault protection
  • Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection
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AKCOME 330W 72 Cell Commercial Panel

Akcome Group was founded in China in 2006. We are a global organization operating in over 30 countries and currently employ more than 6000 employees. We are a leading manufacturer integrating design, production, sales and service of PV modules and mounting systems. In 2014, Akcome was registered in Queensland, Australia with the plan to bring Akcome Group’s reputation and focus to the Australian market. As a wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, we provide Akcome expertise, product and professional service to Australian clients.


Take the power into your own hands...

Get your business running on solar today